VILLA Serenity


Psarou Bay, Mykonos, is the pinnacle of opulence, a stunning cove with crystal waters and golden sands. Known as the island's most luxurious spot, it's a playground for the elite, adorned with upscale beach clubs and fine dining. Here, elegance meets the Aegean's natural splendor, creating an exclusive, sophisticated beach experience.


In the embrace of Mykonos’ gentle hills, Villa Serenity stands as a sanctuary of peace and elegance. This exquisite abode whispers tales of luxury in the soft Mediterranean breeze, its walls holding the secrets of tranquility and the magic of the Aegean sun.

Villa Serenity is not just a dwelling; it is a retreat for the soul, a place where time pauses, allowing the spirit to soar on the wings of the Aegean breeze. It is a corner of the world where every stone, every beam, every vista, is a verse in the poem of serene living.

STARTING AT $5.000/night


From the moment one crosses its threshold, Villa Serenity beckons with an aura of understated grace. Its rooms, bathed in the soft glow of dawn and the golden hues of dusk, offer a canvas where shadows and light dance in harmony. The decor, a delicate balance of classic and contemporary, speaks in hushed tones of comfort and sophistication.





Outside, the terrace is a testament to the art of leisure, with the horizon stretching endlessly into the azure. The pool, a mirror to the sky, invites one to merge with the elements, floating in the quietude of nature’s embrace. Olive trees, like silent sentinels, sway gently, their leaves whispering stories of the earth and the winds.

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